Gene Café Southern Africa markets the coveted Korean Gene Café home roaster right here from South Africa.

Quality and convenience  

Gene Café CBR-101
CBR-101 is the focus product.  Extend your barista coffee experience into your home.

Consequently,  both speaking from the first impression and experience of use, Gene Café roaster delivers on both aspects.  A pleasing design, yet mechanically sound and durable.

Accessories enable ease of use and make roasting your own coffee pleasurable.  Roast when you want, what you want, how you want and explore the world’s coffees.

Ease of Operation

The Gene Café CBR-101 roaster, with its off-axis rotation, yields a fine roast.  Consequently, it is easy to operate.

  • Cool your beans automatically and efficiently after each roast with the cooling cycle.
  • Select different time and temperature settings to regulate the roasting duration.
  • Experiment with your own ideas to obtain that personal roast and technique that you favour to taste in your cup.

Electrically operated delivering heating by hot air.  That is why effective heat and air-flow distribution yields an optimal roast.  Paired with a superbly manufactured appliance makes using the Gene Café easy and pleasurable.

That is why roasting with the Gene Café is convenient.  Consume your coffee within the Fresh-period.  Roast these small batches, add variety and convenience, use the Gene Café roaster.



The Gene Café is home roaster is certified by NRCS with an LOA certificate.  By implication, adhering to South African regulation the Gene Café Home Roaster complies to local South African safety regulations.


Expand your coffee range experience.  Commercialise yourself withing this same Gene Café brand.  Purchase the 900g commercial Gene Café CBR-1200,  roaster to upgrade your capability.