Terms and ConditionsBuying a Gene Café CBR-101 Home Roaster

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions are proposed to protect parties. These cover private individuals (“Buyer“), Resellers (“Reseller“), and the Gene Café Distributor in Southern Africa (“Agent“) in all transactions undertaken.

NOTE: This page is updated without notice to reflect a more comprehensive, inclusive, protective, and fair set of terms and conditions.


Gene Café home roasters are marketed and sold in South Africa under a contractual obligation with Genesis Korea.  They manufacture and supply spare parts.  Each roaster has a one year warranty from date of purchase by the Buyer.  This warranty is also carried by any Reseller and extended to the end-user.


The warranty covers reasonable faults, i.e. those that can withing reason be attributed to latent manufacturing faults.  Misuse and/ or abuse of a roaster do not constitute a condition under which a warranty claim must be maintained. The Agent reserves the right to refuse a warranty claim where it is evident that the roaster has been misused.

Any warranty claim must be made on the basis of a walk-in.  That means the machine is delivered and retrieved from a service centre by the claimant or their duly authorised agent.  Alternatively, Gene Café South Africa can be contracted to facilitate the retrieval and despatch of the roaster in warranty at an extra cost.

Warranties are determined based on the date of purchase.  Proof of purchase is the easiest to disambiguate any uncertainty.


Gene Café roaster spare parts are all OEM unless explicitly stated.  Maintenance on Gene Café roasters must be carried out by authorised and qualified agents and their respective technicians.

Performing any change and/ or maintenance on a Gene Café roaster through non-authorised and/ or non-qualified persons, voids the warranty.  It is also dangerous as the factory functionality of such a machine may be adversely altered.


A Gene Café machine, sold in South Africa, must conform the NHRC Electrotechnical Letter of Authority. In short, the unit must be fitted with a three-pronged round-pin or SANS-164-2 plug of 16A capacity.  Safety etiquettes, specifically a heat-warning label, must be affixed to the outer cover of the roasting drum.  The user’s manual must specify acceptable usage scenarios and safety measures and applicable South African power specifications.

Any machines sold within the borders of South Africa, not conforming to this requirement, will be reported to the relevant authorities.  Such machines may be confiscated and destroyed and the importer of such be held liable and/ or fined in relation to the authority rules and regulations in relation to South African law.


Shipping a Gene Café roaster must be performed by protective packaging, marked “Fragile” and packed with appropriately measured air-pocket wrapping to insulate against mechanical and handling damage.  Insurance is not mandatory but strongly advised.  The Shipping page describes the relevance of insurance during the shipping event, specifically the transfer of ownership.

IndividualPrivate Buyers

Terms and conditions for the Buyer who purchases a Gene Café home roaster.  Constrain the use to the purpose stipulated in the user manual.  In summary, this pertains to home-roasting, e.g. no more than two to three batches of 250g per day.


A manufacturer’s twelve-month (12) warranty is applicable and covers latent defects.  Any warranty claim is subject to the walk-in policy, described in the General section.  A Buyer may either use the Reseller or Gene Café South Africa to work on their roaster.

Spare Parts

Spare parts can be ordered directly online from this web site or from a Reseller.  Refer to the Shipping page for details on shipping options and Insurance.


Shipping to the private Buyer is the responsibility of the Agent, i.e. to despatch the purchaser’s parcel via a shipping company.

The Agent will do whatever is necessary to adequately ensure the reasonable protection of the parcel.  However, at the point of handing the parcel to the shipper, the Agent relinquishes ownership and transfers all responsibility to the purchaser.

The cost of shipping must not be assumed to be part of the purchase price.

The Agent reserves the right to discount the purchase price by assuming the payment for shipping, should the Agent choose to do so, but also reserves the right to charge shipping on the roaster.

Ensure, at the point of order, that the shipping is either included or excluded, by analysing the sub-total for shipping.  The product description should explicitly state the nature of shipping, but the eventual order total should be inspected for the actual standing of affairs.

Reseller Resellers

Terms and conditions for Resellers purchasing aGene Café roasters in bulk from the Agent.  They are contractually bound by their respective Reseller agreements to the Agent.


The Agent is simply a supplier of the Gene Café roaster that is discounted in direct proportion the quantity that a Reseller order and pays for.  The Agent does not propose to recommend, propose, or interfere with a Reseller’s sales and marketing strategy.  This does not inhibit the Agent to, as and when appropriate, to supply the Reseller with additional means and materials to facilitate their product marketing.  Nor to participate in joint discussions on means and ways to optimise the relationship and the impact on the market, pertaining to the sales of Gene Café roasters.

Stock and Price

Any available stock can be claimed by a Reseller once payment in lieu is affected.  Stock reservation can be made and agreed upon, but the Agent reserves the right to service any other customer on a first-come-first-serve basis, based on the physical exchange of payment towards goods.  Stock reservation cannot become the means by which a Reseller attempts to gain a blocking position against any other Reseller.  Order and payment must be the only means to operate within a specific market segment.

The Agent endeavours to provide a fair Reseller service by setting a Recommended Retail Price (RRP).  This does not preclude Resellers from eroding their own bottom line in order to achieve market pre-eminence over competitors.  The Reseller purchase price is based on purchase volume and posited against the RRP.


Resellers may appoint their own technicians to affect services and/ or warranty claim maintenance on Gene Café roasters.  The Agent must approve the competency of any such appointment, by inspecting the individual’s credentials and putting such individual to a practical maintenance test to ascertain their proficiency.  Such approved competency is held by the individual and is not transferrable to another by virtue of the Reseller’s company that applied.  When a Reseller has an appointed technician, the Agent will avail warranty parts to the Reseller so that they are able to affect prompt customer warranty related services.


Shipping, i.e. the collection of purchased Gene Cafés from the Agent, is the responsibility of the Reseller.  However, the Agent can facilitate shipping on behalf of the Reseller at an additional cost.